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Workshops for children on the Autism Spectrum

Science is often a subject that fascinates children on the Autism Spectrum. Following a couple of workshops last year in conjunction with the NAS, and a session with Explorer Dome earlier this year in conjunction with Bristol Autism Support and National Science Week, I will be running a monthly workshop for children with high functioning Autism and Aspergers Syndrome.

Each workshop will be organised in such a way as to allow family or friendship groups to work together, offering an opportunity for parents to work with their children. There will be hands on experiments, opportunities to record observations as scientists do (if desired) as well as chances to extend their understanding of the ideas being explored. Each group will be provided with instructions as to how to do the experiments, and a welcome pack (containing photos of the venue and myself, as well as a description of the planned activities) may be available before hand if requested to help reduce anxiety.



Saturday 7th November: Acids and Bases

We use many acids and alkalis around the house for cooking, eating and washing. This workshop explores the use of these chemicals, and also allows children to explore a scientific technique known as titration.

Saturday 5th December: What are magnets?

Magnets are well known as children’s toys, but this workshop looks at how magnets work, and how we use them.



10am at Bedminster Quaker Meeting House, Wedmore Vale, Bedminster.

Each workshop will last approximately an hour, depending on the concentration span of the children. The workshop will be very flexible, but parents are requested to stay with their children.



£5 a workshop per participating child.


For more details, please contact Lucy on or fill in the form below.

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