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Tuition Workshops

Tutoring can often be a dry, theory based activity, which can make it hard to understand the practical applications of the science in question. In contrast to this, Young Experimenters offers the opportunity for children to experience science in action for themselves, in a manner similar to that provided in our workshops.

How will a tutor workshop be structured?

Within an hour long session, a single subject will be explored through discussion, demonstration and practical experience where possible. In particular, attention will be paid to the development of vocabulary and emphasis will be placed on working scientifically. Carefully designed experiments, written documents and support materials (including visual aids) will enhance the experience, making a it a memorable occasion as well as a learning opportunity.

What age will the workshops be suitable for?

Young Experimenters tuition workshops are aimed at children aged 9 to 16 years (GCSE level). However, the material can be altered to suit a younger or older audience where necessary. A – level tutoring is not currently offered. Also, the approach offered by Young Experimenters is not necessarily suited to situations where cramming is required within a short period of time.

How many children can participate in a tutoring workshop?

One to one tutoring would ensure that the child would get maximum benefit from the tuition workshop. However, science is often a social subject, with participants benefiting from the sharing of ideas. Tuition workshops may therefore be shared with up to three children of similar age and ability.

Where can the workshops be held?

I can provide workshops within a 10 mile radius of Ashton Gate, Bristol. Workshops further afield will be considered but may incur additional travel expenses.The workshops can held in the comfort of your own home: a table and water source are required, and a room with an easily washable floor is preferred. (All experiments are suitable for the home environment – risk assessments can be provided on application. However, the workshop environment may determine whether some experiments can be performed).

If an alternative venue is required, this will be reflected in the cost of the workshop.

What is included in a tuition workshop?

The cost of a tuition workshop includes all experimental materials, written materials and additional support materials. Additional mileage costs may be charged, along with venue hire if a venue external to your home is required.

Who will be running the sessions?

Young Experimenters is run by Dr Lucy Skinner, a molecular biologist by training, who has considerable experience in running science workshops for children in a number of education settings such as home education and schools. Lucy also has experience in working with children with ASD.

How can I find out more?

For more details such as price and availability, contact Lucy using the form below.


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