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‘I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter enjoyed the science club yesterday. She said it was brilliant and that she is really looking forward to next week. That is praise indeed from her! Thank you so much for arranging the club, your efforts are very much appreciated!’ – Parent

‘My 9 year old daughter loves science club so much, she turned down a play date with one of her best friends to go!’ – Parent

‘Lucy is a very talented scientist, and has used her impressive subject knowledge to engage our children, through after school clubs. The tasks have all been well planned, thanks to Lucy’s superb organisational skills. She prepares resources of a high standard, which the children enjoy using. The resources support the children beautifully and help to engage them with the task in hand. The children explore scientific principles through a well-structured mixture of exploration and discussion. Lucy is well connected to the scientific world and can resource activities that classroom teachers would usually struggle with, such as a fully engaging dry ice demonstration. The children have loved engaging with fantastic demonstrations and activities, they were provided with white lab coats and all the equipment necessary, and the activities were carefully tailored to provide a structured engaging activity. The sessions were thoroughly worthwhile activities that I would heartily recommend.’ – Science Lead, OFSTED Outstanding Primary School, Bristol

‘I wasn’t 100% sure that one of my pupils would be gifted and talented in science but thought that she had certainly exhibited some small signs in lessons. However, I am delighted to see that doing the G&T course was just what she needed to galvanise her interest in the subject and she has been a constant source of intelligent questions and clever theories ever since. I believe that the course gave her the confidence in her science ability and has led to her showing many signs of high ability and good understanding. Thank you.’ Teacher, Primary School, Bristol

‘When beauty 2 looks at you and says ” see that cloud up there, it’s very dark and very heavy and full of water, that means it’s going to rain.” We say ,” why” she says ” science explains it, it’s too heavy and the water has to come out.” We think, from the mouth of a two year old, science says the cloud is full of water, very heavy, very dark and hey ho she is right. Good for science.’ Relation of child who comes to Pre-school Science Club at the Hungry Caterpillar Play Cafe.

‘On Saturday we took my little man (11) to the Young Experimenters science workshop for children with ASD for the first time. I was a bit nervous not knowing if he would like it or even if he would give it a try – but he loved creating his wind turbine and watching it in action – the smile on his face says it all! Thank you Lucy Skinner for this session, we hope to make the next one!’ Parent.

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