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Science Outdoors!

Young Experimenters believes that science investigation can be as much about play, as it can be about more formal learning.  Science Outdoors! is an opportunity to experience some of the weird and wonderful, and ever so slightly messy, areas of science that are unsuitable for indoor venues! Science Outdoors! brings science to life in a new and exciting way, enabling children to experiment through play.

Examples of Science Outdoors!

Newtonian Liquids versus Non-Newtonian Liquids

Do all liquids pour? What happens when you shake them? This larger than life experiment allows direct investigation of the little known Non-Newtonian liquids.

Can You Make a Square Bubble?

Bubbles are great fun, but they are also extremely important for mathematicians, medics and engineers! Come and try your hand at our bubble challenge.

How Strong is Your Sandcastle?

Is all sand the same? What do you need to make a strong sandcastle? Can you design the strongest sandcastle?

Can Wind Lift Weights?

Why do wind turbines have only three blades, when some traditional windmills used 6 or eight sails? What effect does the shape of the blade make? These are just some of the questions that you can answer using our very own wind turbine!

Where Can I Find Science Outdoors?

We are currently looking into a number of events across Bristol. Watch this space!

Booking Science Outdoors!

Science Outdoors is suitable for most outside venues, but may require access to a tap, depending on the activities requested.  If you are interested in booking Science Outdoors! for your event, please contact Lucy on 07530 218 435 or e-mail

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