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A Young Experimenters workshop allows children to access and experience real science for themselves, whilst encouraging them to work scientifically and think outside the box. Each workshop focuses on a specific topic, which may or may not already be familiar to children, but uses ideas and concepts that are familiar to enable children to grasp the ideas that are being studied.

During a workshop, a topic is introduced, along with some vocabulary that is relevant to that topic. An experiment is set up, with the children being encouraged to observe, listen and take note of what happens. Custom made lab books encourage the children to record their work, as well as explore the subject further through specific activities. Depending on the subject chosen, there may also be an opportunity to take an experiment home, thus providing the children with the opportunity to further their understanding and cement what they have learnt during the workshop.

There are a variety of ways in Which Young Experimenters can work with your school to provide a unique science opportunity:

In-school workshops

Young Experimenters can provide workshops for an entire class studying a particular subject, ranging from DNA extractions, to making crystals, to looking at how important evaporation is and what effects it can have. To run these workshops, all that is needed is access to a tap and use of tables.

After school STEM clubs

The workshops can be limited to a certain number of children, and therefore can provide the participants with a much wider experience than is possible in a whole class setting. Workshops last an hour, and combine a range of practical and theoretical exercises.

Workshops during school fetes

Science Outside provides children the opportunity to experience science for themselves, enabling learning through play. Young Experimenters can add to a school fete or other event through the provision of a hands on workshop.


If you would like to find out more about Young experimenters workshops, please contact Lucy on or fill in the form below.


We look forward to hearing from you!


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