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Pre-school Science

Young Experimenters is proud to announce a series of science workshops suitable for the preschool environment!

What Is a Preschool Science Club?

Young Experimenters Preschool Science workshops provide an opportunity for children to explore the world around them, gaining first hand experiences that will enrich and broaden their preschool experience. Each workshop considers a specific topic, which is usually presented as a question. One example, ‘What is a liquid?’, allows children to think about what they mean by the word ‘liquid’ and group materials according to their properties. Children then may be provided with substances that might not easily fit into those groups, thus enabling the children to question further.

Within each workshop, the emphasis is always on the child being a scientist, and working scientifically. To this end, the children are encouraged to discuss their results, and record them in a simple but effective manner that illustrates the question being asked.

Does a Young Experimenters workshop meet the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS)?

Each workshop can meet the areas of learning and development as set out in the EYFS in a variety of ways. Small groups enable the children to listen to each other, discuss ideas and previous experiences, develop ideas and widen their understanding. Fine motor skills are developed through the introduction of techniques such as pouring, using a pipette, using a syringe, cutting and sticking. A child’s understanding of the world is challenged and broadened through the introduction of new experiences or by the extension of familiar ideas. Mathematical and literacy skills may be introduced, whilst each child creates an item that can be taken home or used in their learning journal.

Young Experimenters also provide an opportunity for care providers to observe and document the achievements of the children in their care.

What Is Included In A Young Experimenters Workshop?

The cost of a workshop includes the provision of all printed material (such as worksheets and parent sheets), all experimental consumables, all safety equipment (such as lab coats and safety glasses) and an accompanying booklet.

What Topics Can A Young Experimenters Workshop Explore?

Young Experimenters currently have a wide range of workshop topics, ranging from skeletons to liquids and plants to space. If we do not have a workshop for a particular topic that you are interested in, we are happy to create a workshop to suit. For example, a topic of Pirates might include a floating and sinking workshop, or a topic looking at plants might include a workshop about fruit. If there is a particular scientific subject in the news, a workshop could be based on that. Equally, workshops can be based around the children’s particular interests, such as dinosaurs.

Who Is A Young Experimenters Preschool Workshop Suitable For?

Our workshops are suitable for most providers of the EYFS interested in sourcing something unique for the children in their care, including child minders, nurseries and independent preschools. The main requirements are that we have access to tables, chairs and a source of water.

Where Can I Get More Information?

If you would like more information about a Young Experimenters Preschool Science Workshop, to see some examples of current workshops, or more details about our pricing structure please contact Young Experimenters using the form below.




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