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Junior Science Club


Junior Science Club is an opportunity for children aged 4 – 6 yrs old to undertake science experiments with a difference. The children become scientists, perform experiments and employ their amazing powers of observation to the full! The workshop will happen monthly, and each session explores a different branch of science, from forensic science and zoology to astronomy and chemistry.


At each workshop, the children be presented with a problem to solve. The experiments are designed to allow children the freedom to explore a scientific phenomena, thus further developing their understanding of the world around them. There will also be a focus on scientific language, and the development of the children’s scientific vocabulary. At the end of the workshop, the children will be able to take home a memento of the workshop (including their own lab book), and also further ideas as to how further their learning at home.


The workshops have changed venue, and will be held this month in the Thali Cafe, North Street.


For dates, see below. The workshop will begin at 4pm, and will last for approximately 45 minutes. Parents are requested to stay in the cafe for the duration of the workshop.

How much?

Each workshop will cost £3.50. Places will be limited, so please get in touch to reserve a place.

Next Workshops

Wednesday 30th September                   What is that liquid?

An introduction to pH testing, acidity and alkalinity.

Wednesday 21st October                          How do batteries work?

How many cells does it take to light up an LED?


For more details, please contact Lucy on or use the form below.

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