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About Young Experimenters

Who are Young Experimenters?


Young Experimenters believes in providing children the opportunities to explore scientific phenomenon in a practical, engaging and challenging manner. Young Experimenters workshops ask questions in such a way to  allow children to work scientifically to make their own discoveries. Examples of such workshops include ‘The Chemistry of Chocolate?’,  ‘What makes carrots orange?’ and ‘How does washing up liquids work?’ During Young Experimenters workshops the children are scientists and experience the process of scientific investigation from creating hypotheses, predicting results and recording their results in specially designed lab books. The topics covered in the workshops may include already familiar concepts (for example materials, plants or friction), or may be completely new ideas that students might not encounter until they reach higher or further education (for example, cell signalling). Whatever the subject of the session, all material builds on the child’s current understanding of the world, and uses everyday experiences to help explain unfamiliar ideas. All topics are considered in an imaginative, novel manner, using experiments and activities designed specifically for the session in question.

Who Runs Young Experimenters?

Currently, all workshops are lead by Dr Lucy Skinner. Lucy is a molecular biologist by training, who developed an interest in science communication whilst studying for her PhD. Lucy now has three years experience of delivering science workshops to pre-school children and primary school aged children in both formal and informal learning settings. Lucy is a member of both the Association of Science Educators, and the British Science Association, and also has worked as a STEM ambassador in schools across the city.

Who are the Workshops For?

Young Experimenters aim to be as flexible as possible, striving to meet the needs of a wide variety of situations. We are currently able to provide workshops for after school science clubs, in-school workshops (especially for events such as Science Week), home educators, pre-school education establishments as well as community based workshops, birthday parties and a science twist for community events. Saturday Science Club is an opportunity for children to explore scientific phenomenon with other like minded children. Pre-school science club enables small children to experience a wide range of scientific ideas, and to take home their creations.  If you have a query that is not met so far, please do not hesitate to get in touch – we will help if we can. For more details, please see the schools or home educators pages. A page for after school clubs is in progress!

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